Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Coolest Vs Justice Remix

This remix may go over some peoples heads i already know, lol. Lemme try n explain haha..Well i recently went 2 the Glow In The Dark Tour @ MSG and wow, the sickest show i think ill ever c in my opened the show spittin his verses from "The co0lest" over some song called "Let There Be Light" from this well known electro group named Justice whose music is pretty damn tyte..so0 after hearing it..i had 2 some how emulate it, so i did..just keep in mind this remix wasnt even my idea it came straight from Lupes head, i just made it into something audible haha..so0o sick..check out this Lupe interview

Got Bored, Made A Youtube

Monday, May 12, 2008

30 Seconds To Apologize

Ok so.
This remix shows a bit of my eclectic taste in music as well as my versatility when it comes 2 making remixes. I took the instrumental from 30 Seconds To Mars's "The Kill" and tweaked it into the acapella of well known hit "Apologize" which as you might know was produced by Timbaland and sung by One Republic. Its a deff. a different feel than usual. As always give it a listen and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daft Punk MegaMix

So i recently created this Daft Punk MegaMix featuring over 20 of their hits from all 3 of their albums (Homework, Discovery, & Human After all). Well what can you expect from it? ALOT! lol no seriously, i really love the mix and im sure you can enjoy it whether ur a fan of the Daft Duo or not. Till next post, peac3

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lupe Fiasco Superstars Only Remix

This Remix features the instrumental of Timbalands "One And Only"..This is a very interesting mix..and it works veryy welll..

I got really bored the other day so i youtubed it lol

Stronger Remix's

Ok, so by my best calculations..Kanye West's stronger came out about a year ago...about..i remember it around this time...so0o i decided 2 make a post on the subject by uploading my own personal stronger remix's as well as remixes from other Deejayz..so0 check em out..uno0
DJ A-Track(kanyes dj) Remix

Dj Red Foxx Remix

Dj MiniMaxX Remix

American Boy Remix

I tossed up the accapella from Estelle's American boy track with an instrumental piece from the artist RATATAT. it sounds pretty good..has a dif. feel from the original..give it a listen