Sunday, November 22, 2009


Just some instrumental i made a little while ago. Its good music to vibe to. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So yeah. Its roughly getting closer to the end of july. Ive been planning on making this mix for a while but havnt had the exact chance yet. No slacking, just not enough hours in the day to work, party, Dj, and make tunes lol. I start out the mix with a bit of easy listening house; and gradually towards the end my mixes and the tracks get crazier and crazier lol. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Witch Doctor [09 Remix]

Whatsupp peoplee. Here's my latest remix track entittled "Witch Doctor '09." There is some history behind this remix as do most of my remix's. What i did was take samples from a classic house track known as "Witch Doctor." The original is remains one of my favorite tracks from back in the day; when i was really first introduced to house music. SO much love and thanks to the Legendary Armand Van Helden for the original. Hope it hits your ears in a good way; and be sure to hit me with the feedback.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So Amazing

New remix entitled "So Amazing"
Umm...Not much text for this one. Just check it lol.
Hope ya Diggs it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Track!!! (Again lol)

Dont feel like writting alot for this one. lol. Hot fresh out the oven, a remix to SXNDRGS "We Can Fly"
Anyways, good looks for checking it out. And of coarse, hit me up with the feedback. One Love.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Track!!!

Tittle: Track Up (Ah)
So. I finally invested in a couple of key components for my studio. And i guess this is my first self produced track with one sample from an olddddd Duran Duran song called "Decadance." I know maybe a handfull of you that read this even know who they are lol. I used a simple sample that goes "Turn The Whole Track Up...(Ahhh)" So i guess those are the lyrics in turn lmao. Hope those of you checking it out like it. For my first wing at this whole proggressive/electro house making thing, i think its sufficient. One Love.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

February Trax: Cureing ill Tempered DayZ

Another Electro House MixTape.
Bunch of trax aquired in February, some are a bit older.
Not as chopped up as my last house mix.
Hope you enjoy =]
If you want a track list, hit me up on the wall.
Peac3 n Love
Download mp3 link:
Download Track List & Info link:

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, ive been gone for a longggg while.
Been busy with school, djing, partying ect lol. Well, im back with a 1 hour mix of some great electro house tunes. Not very hiphopish of me, but its the vibe im going for nowandays. If your into house music youll love it. 47 mashed trax in 1 hour. Wow, i went in. Check it out.
1.LoveLockDown Rmx -LMFAO
2.Heartless Rmx -Dj Kue
3.Oh Rmx -Dj A-Trak
4.Stronger Rmx -Dj A-Trak
5.Hit Me On My Beeper-Dj A-Trak
6.Day n Night Rmx -Crookers
7.Bonified Lovin -Chromeo
8.Call Me Up -Chromeo
9.Fancy Footwork -Chromeo (GT Remix)
10.Cross The Dancefloor -Treasure Fingers
11.Say Whoa -Dj A-Trak
12.Hustler -SMD/ A-Trak
13.Its The Beat -SMD
14.Bingo Players Mash-Diplo/SMD
15.Wake Up -BN
16.If You Want Me -Rrump
17.Chopin Up My Radio
18.Sodi Pop Vs My People -DIM
19.My People Vs Floating -DIM
20.Hi Friend -Deadmau5
21.Money VIP -The American Dream Team
22.Human Rmx -Ocelot
23.Nasa Pop Champagne -Nasa (DjMinimaxx Rmx)
24.A Millie Justice Rmx Vs Cheap Thrills -DjMinimaxx Vs Justice
25.Fuct -Teen Wolf
26.The Geeks Were Right -BN
27.Shake It Down -Dj A-Trak
28.Hyperactive Vs We Are Prostitutes -Crookers Vs Melente & Various
29.Freakin Me Out -True Psuedo
30.Know The Name -Flosstradamus
31.Turn It Up -Lady B
32.Je Te 'Aime Vs Sugga Daddy O -Armad Van Helden
33. Spin Spin Suga -Sneaker Pimps
34.WTF -Nastradam Rmx
35.X Ray -Tittsworth
36.Sound Of The Police-Krs1
37.Hollywood Caked -Black Holes Rmx
38.Run Around -Udachi
39.Booty Alarm -Crookers
40.Shake That Ass -Mowgli Rmx
41.Bounce Rmx -Felix Cartal Vs MSTRKRFT
42.75 Brazil St. Vs The Bomb
43.Put Your Drinks Down Vs Headbanger -Edu K
44.We Are Rockstarz -Does it offend you? Yeah
45.Ive Got The Powa -Kelevra Snippet
46.Let The Music Play -Death To Throne Rmx
47.Jungle Boogie Rmx -Souldiers Of Fortune