Monday, September 22, 2008

"Cooler Than You"

I told a couple folks that i'd be comming out with a Cool Kids mixtape, and here it is. Its Roughly 80 minutes long (minus the bonus track) and consists of a bunch of dope tracks from them 2 cool kids in the Chi. Some tracks are old, some are newly released, some are rare. Well, check out the tape, i think its a job well done but you can be your own judge lol. Love it or hate it, it's all good 2 me :]
Track List:
1. A Little Bit Cooler
2. Pennies
3. Oscar The Grouch
4. Mikey Rocks
5. Gold & A Pager
6. Box Of Rox
7. One, Two
8. Stove Top
9. Jingling
10.Dinner Time
11.If It Rocks Let It Knock
13.Black Mags Ft. Kanye West
14.Gold Chain
15.What Up Man
17.Fresher Than You
18.Wasting Time
20.Delivery Man
21.That'll Work
22.Action Figures
24.Full & Paid (Windy-City-Mix) Ft. Lupe & Common
26.Pump Up The Volume (Flosstradamus Cut)
27.What It Is
28.Gold & A Pager (Klever Moon Walk Cut)
29.Miami Beach (Hydroz Cut)

*Bonus Track*
30.Chigaco Zoo (Radio Rip)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kay, its certianly been a while since i came out with some sorta remix or mashup or sumthin of that nature. So here, im back with an exclusive uptempo remix of kanyes phresssh new LoveLockDown trak. Its different, its outside the box, it's "House-ish" if you will. Right now i consider this a beta, cuz im not sure if im done working with it yet or not...i need some feedback.