Thursday, April 24, 2008

Love In This Club RemixX

With the helping ear of My boY WilLie aKa FilOfal, i was able 2 concoct yet another genious remix using the taste of Lil' Wayne however THIS time usIng thE Lollipop Instrumental. We tossed on the acapela of Usher & Jeezys "Love In This Club." And with some added technical magic by myself..i dont mean 2 brag..but damn u gota hear this.

p.s. U might notice an added touch 2 Ushers vocals...The AutoTuner @ its finest =]

1 comment:

-adam- said...

hey man good job with the autotune on this lollipop remix, it sounds so legit

and one request, can you please hook me up with the autotune prog. ?