Monday, July 28, 2008

Transforming Sound Mixtape

What happenin folks, its been a while since ive hit up the site with some new ish, its been a very very busy summer so far between work n dj'ing. Its madness.
The other day i thought of releasing another phresh mixtape with some of the latest Hip Hop n R&B. So i jumped into the lab, got on the tables, dropped some trax, pushed it into the comp, finalized, and fin. Here it is without further annoyance (lol). May i present "Transforming Sound"
Hope you digg it, hope you like it, hope you love it. If not, go fly yourself a kite =]
  1. Lollipop
  2. I Got Bass
  3. A Millie
  4. Green Light
  5. Spazz
  6. Make the world go round
  7. Mastered
  8. I Luv your girl
  9. Addiction
  10. Break This Down
  11. Comfortable
  12. Announcement
  13. Hero
  14. Baby
  15. Around The world
  16. Makin Me Sweat
  17. Cookie Jar
  18. Moving Mountians
  19. American Boy
  20. Forever
  21. UMC
  22. On & On
  23. You Know What
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1 comment:

George.I.Am said...

I downloaded the mixtape but for some reason it wouldn't open so i was wondering if you could put it on diveshare that one was working for me though but hit me up and let me know.